8-Figure Copywriter, Laura Catella Georgi, Retires… Gives Away Her “Semi-Automatic Headline Generator” Technique For FREE

Scoop up all Laura’s secrets to writing high-converting headlines in half the time before she changes her mind

You’ve wasted enough of your precious time writing (crappy) headlines that don’t convert. Your clients might be second-guessing your ability to produce winners, and now you’re starting to doubt yourself as well. But all that’s about to change… Because although copywriting and teaching copy have been huge parts of my life for the last 13 years, it’s time for me to move on to my next adventure. And to celebrate this move, I’m passing on to YOU some of my best-kept secrets to generating well over 8 figures with my copy.

In this quick read, you’ll get all my tricks for writing headlines that crush…


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The subtle loop-opening technique you can plug into any subheadline for immediately higher conversions

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Step-by-step instructions on when and how to strategically use a guarantee in your headline to instantly increase conversions

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A formula copywriters of all experience levels can use that spits out multiple headline variations so you can impress your clients with revenue-generating split test ideas

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How to persuade even the world’s biggest skeptics in two simple steps

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The most effective way to use storytelling strategies in a headline to hook readers the second they land on the page

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Why trying to write your headline before the body copy is killing conversions and increasing your writing time 7x

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Fighting to get ahead in business?

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

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You work hard and care a LOT, but the respected “legend” status that you’re after alludes you

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You’re making decent money, but you feel more like an employee than a trusted partner

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You have a specialty but you don’t feel seen as an expert by your prospects or your peers

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You’re settling for playing small, and aren’t sure when that’s going to change

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Your peers seem to be leveling up effortlessly and you’re not sure why it feels so hard to follow suit (maybe you’re even starting to feel left behind or wondering if it’s just not in the cards for you)

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You feel pressured to PROVE yourself to your prospects, but it only makes you feel desperate and lacking

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Imposter syndrome, procrastination, or all-out confusion have been holding you back from growing in the way you want...

Fighting to get ahead in business?
Tell me if this sounds familiar…

You work hard and care a LOT, but the respected “legend” status that you’re after alludes you

You’re making decent money, but you feel more like an employee than a trusted partner

You have a specialty but you don’t feel seen as an expert by your prospects or your peers

You’re settling for playing small, and aren’t sure when that’s going to change

Your peers seem to be leveling up effortlessly and you’re not sure why it feels so hard to follow suit (maybe you’re even starting to feel left behind or wondering if it’s just not in the cards for you)

You feel pressured to PROVE yourself to your prospects, but it only makes you feel desperate and lacking

Imposter syndrome, procrastination, or all-out confusion have been holding you back from growing in the way you want...

I see you, and I get it.
You’re not alone.
In fact, most entrepreneurs can’t avoid these feelings when they have goals they really care about.
But staying stuck here is the dangerous reason...

Why You’ll Never Win...

The cycle you’re currently in will continue.
You will continue to hit the same ceilings... and return to the same floors.
Working so HARD, but not actually getting anywhere...
Wanting so much, but not achieving it...
Continuing to feel like, “I must be missing something...” or...
“I guess the type of success I want just isn’t meant for me.”
And you may become so frustrated that you go backwards, or quit...
And NEVER see the success that could be yours.
I also can’t stand by and watch you play SMALL when you were meant for something BIG.
I know why removing your biggest block will transform you from...

Overwhelmed To WINNER

And not just because I’ve done it myself – I have, but I’m not an anomaly.
As I grew into a freelancer who now commands $50,000+ for a single package...
And a coach who charges $1,250 for a 45 minute phone call...
And in scaling my businesses past the 7-figure mark in its first year…
I faced the challenges that you’re probably facing right now:
Confusion on how to grow, fear that it’ll all come crashing down, uncertainty in how to ask for help and what help to listen to...
But I can tell you this...
Figuring out the reliable way to overcome those obstacles changed my life forever.
And it’s not just me...
I’ve helped dozens of stuck entrepreneurs dominate their blocks and instantly rise up in a short amount of time.
Here are a few of their stories…

Michele went from struggling to closing $35K from two premium clients one week after tapping into this

Mary closed a $90K “dream client” who respects and honors her brilliance

Carolyn is now at $120K/year and her life will never be the same

If you’re tired of feeling like a small fish...
If you’re embarrassed by how much you grind and how little you have to show for it...
How much would it be worth if I fixed that for you?
Before you go down the rabbit hole…
Overwhelmed by thoughts about what it takes to accelerate and ascend like these folks did…
Allow me to show you how simple leveling up truly is.
It’s so simple, in fact, that it only takes three steps...

Step 1: Literate

You identify the #1 barrier blocking you from
success right now. This step alone can take years of
“trying” off your plate and deliver an instant ROI.

Step 2: Numerate

You analyze, act, and modify the patterns you’ve
unknowingly fallen victim to because of that #1 barrier

Step 3: Reverberate

You claim your power over this barrier and be amazed
as you get more and more of what you want with ease

See, the most likely reason you’re stuck at an entry or intermediate level is because you overcomplicate this process.
Please let me lean into you and share the truth:
If you’re frustrated because you’re not where you want to be...
It’s because you have false assumptions about what it takes to be successful.
For example, you may assume…

It takes 5, 10, 15, even 20 years to become recognized and respected in your niche

There’s something inherently special about the leaders you want to be like

The people you see at the top of their game must somehow be different than, better than, or more outgoing than you

It has to be a slow, torturous crawl to the top

And if you believe these assumptions to be true…
Then you might also think that the only way to “pay your dues” and earn the legendary status you crave is to…

Grind and hustle…

Until you can somehow force your goals into existence…
Exhausted and depleted when you finally arrive.
While this path might appear to work for some…
It’s an illusion that constant grinding is the way to reach your goals…
And it’s certainly not the fun, fast, or desired way.
It’s not sustainable either.
If I could flip all of this on its head...
So that leaping to respected “legend” status from where you are right now...
Was easier than you ever imagined...
Would you take this easy solution?
The good news is, there’s an easier path to skyrocket your business with less friction and less “trying.”
And it works for the long haul.
What if I told you that the only thing standing between you and your dream business…
Is to identify the #1 barrier keeping you from taking consistent action toward your goals?
It’s true.
And it’s most likely a barrier at the subconscious level, so it usually works against you day in and day out without even being detected.
And what if I told you that you could not only detect this barrier when given the right tools…
But that you could take your power back and obliterate this barrier for the rest of your life in just 7 weeks?
Meaning years of feeling confused, frustrated, and burnt out...
Could all be put behind you at last...
And you finally have the clarity, respect, recognition, and juicy fruits that come with it...
If you’re willing to give me a mere 7 weeks.
As you become more excited to jump into this...
I’d like to invite you to the inaugural

Diamond Mind Mentorship

Do you agree...
That living your dreams is worth everything it takes to achieve it?
I’ve analyzed every step of my journey over the last 13 years…
I’ve also studied, embodied, and analyzed the paths of some of the most successful people in the world…
And when I organized the data from these success stories, a simple 7-part framework emerged, and I realized…
This framework was the vehicle for every climb…
Every success…
Every level up…
And every ascension I’ve ever experienced.
And it’s the framework I relied on every single time I wanted to quit…
To pick myself back up, keep pushing forward, and level up.
This is important for you…
Because... let me maintain transparency:
Setbacks and pain happen.
You may be dealing with pain or a setback right now.
That’s when my framework will be more invaluable to you than ever.
Because disappointments that may cost you weeks or months of effective productivity...
Or that can send you in a backwards spiral...
Cost me only minutes to resolve.
And I only move forward and upward.
Those who have my framework cannot be stopped.

What would it be worth to you to become unlimited & unstoppable?

Unstoppable in the attainment of what you desire in your business.
For you to go from “trying” to “gaining.”
For you to go from “hustling to be seen” to “irresistible and unignorable” to premium clients, peers, and your industry at large.
If this is the outcome you’ve been working so hard for...
Then don’t ignore your growing desire to finally have it.
Every time you want to level up, you’ll know exactly what to do to make it happen quickly…
Without fumbling, without slowing down, and without veering off track.
So whether you want more clients…
More consistent (even passive) income…
Or you want to speak on a stage…
Write a book…
Lead a movement…
Launch your own offers…
Or mentor and teach the next generation…
You’ll have the tools, the confidence, and the roadmap to help you achieve it.
This process has worked for me for years and it can work for you too.
I know it can, because these folks are living proof that success is replicable…

Courtney closed a $12K paid-in-full client and it felt “effortless”

Stephen leap-frogged from beginner to “celebrity legend” in his space

Emma secured a $785K year-long client with supreme ease

Apply now and get $8,000 in FREE bonuses!
ACT FAST - Our next group starts October 17th

How To Win :

Diamond Mind Mentorship

… is a 7-week intensive group program for freelancers, coaches, consultants, and other specialists who are fed up with playing small…

And are ready to take their business to the next level…

Where they’ll be sought after and respected by dream clients and peers alike.

In the Diamond Mind Mentorship, you’ll get all my secrets to success, including…

Why you’re really stuck & why others seem to win so effortlessly, and how to do the same

Removal of the biggest, most sinister block that has been holding you back from the success you’ve been working so hard to achieve. If you don’t remove this block, you will continue to work hard in vain

Go from shy & uncertain, to a respected badass with one proprietary technique

Antidotes to procrastination, imposter syndrome, and fear that will make you invincible, unstoppable, and unfuckwithable WITHOUT ever “faking it until you make it”

What an out of body experience can teach you about overcoming self sabotage

How to use proverbs to propel you into a powerful state of confidence so you can take risky actions that result in huge wins

The “Conveyor Belt” trick to ACTION TAKING that you can rely on the second fears, imposter syndrome, or self sabotage creep into the picture

Recession-proof your mindset so you can scale your business in any terrain

Unsure how to grow your business because you’re already strapped for time? Inside the mentorship, you’ll see how to remove time barriers and mental blocks so you end up with the business of your dreams and more free time on your hands

Experiencing a client dry spell? Uncover these powerful leverage points that are hiding in plain sight (I’ll show you how to train your mind to see them so that they reveal themselves to you fast and often)

Ready to start your evolution?

Here’s what I’m offering you when you apply today…

Limited to Unlimited You: Diamond Mind Mentorship

($19,750 VALUE)

7 weeks of focused trainings and group coaching to help you identify your biggest blocks to success, as well as any self deprecating patterns you’ve fallen into that are inhibiting you from leveling up. In these seven weeks, you’ll go from the Default Mind (one where you’re at the constant mercy of your thoughts, emotions, and feelings) to the Diamond Mind (one where you honor your feelings without giving them control of your actions and ultimately your destiny). Plus, you’ll discover your own personal path of least resistance for instant growth and upward trajectory. ($10,000 VALUE)

3 “Pressure Alchemy Rooms” where you’ll get individual attention on your unique situation so you can apply the frameworks and strategies in a way that makes perfect sense to YOU. When you join these calls, we’ll work through your current blocks and goals so that you have specific, measurable, and easily actionable next steps to quickly turn your existing problems and pressures into Diamonds. And I’ll hold you personally accountable for the plan we’ve crafted just for you. ($3,750 VALUE)

Instant access to the Diamond Mind Framework in easily digestible videos and worksheets so you can dive into the materials before we start the trainings on October 17th. Show up on Day 1 with your mind already blown and ready to unleash your inner badass immediately. ($6,000 VALUE)

"Laura has been such a blessing for me and my business. Since gaining access to her group mentorship, I've doubled my monthly income. I only had to be vulnerable and coachable. Laura has a way of coaching that allows me to really understand why I am where I am and what I need to do to elevate so I get where I want to be."
-Johanna Sanchez,
Freelance Copywriter

Here’s the thing though…

I’d be remiss if I mentored you and showed you how to level up with a Diamond Mind…

But neglected to help you upskill and better position yourself in your niche.

That’s why I’m including some juicy bonuses when you apply today…

Bonus #1: Diamond Game Framework

($4,000 VALUE)

After your fears are busted and you become unlimited...

You’ll need to establish that in your marketplace.

With premium messaging that flows from you powerfully and authentically.

That’s why...

When you join the Diamond Mind Mentorship, you’ll get instant access to the Diamond Game Framework, my signature copywriting, branding, and marketing curriculum where you’ll discover…

Why your messaging isn’t yet attracting premium clients

The “fill in the blanks” way to communicate your offerings so that “pay in full” clients start knocking on your door

How to generate Big Ideas, hooks, and angles that will make you & your brand instantly stand out when promoting your offers

The weird trick to coming up with unique names, acronyms, and backronyms to position yourself as the go-to leader in your field

The semi-automatic headline generator that can help you create 99 headline ideas in 9 minutes flat

How to use celebrities to build credibility in your marketing even if they don’t have an official endorsement with your brand (and it’s completely ethical when done the right way)

You’re not supposed to use jargon in your messaging, right? WRONG. I’ll show you when and how to use jargon in a hypnotic way to put your ideal clients in a trance and make them instantly obsessed with your brand

PLUS, I’m going to give you the bulletproof strategies to grow your business with…

Bonus #2: Unrivaled Messaging For Personal Brands

($250 VALUE)

Your Diamond Mind will be solidified…

And your marketing, branding, and copywriting skills will be upleveled…

It will then be time to use what you’ve learned inside the mentorship to develop your own…

Premium messaging to attract and connect with your dream clients

Elevated offers and services to help you stand out from other experts in your field

Unique language and a philosophy of your own so that your brand is easily identifiable. Your ideal clients won’t be able to stop themselves from adoring & admiring you and following your lead

”North Stars” so that even after the 7-week mentorship is complete, you’ll know where you’re going, you’ll know how to identify when you’ve strayed, and you can quickly get back on course without sabotaging your progress

When and how to niche down to become a “legend” without closing the doors to easy opportunities for fast cash

Want to share your expertise from stages large and small, but you’re terrified of public speaking? Here’s how you can DOMINATE your deepest fears, slay the stage, and elicit invitations to speak again and again. Imagine all the lives you can impact when you get out of your own way!

Prospecting will be a breeze when heavy hitters already know who you are and what you do.

Now that you’ll know how to stand out from the competition, I want to give you the foolproof blueprint for landing clients left and right…

Bonus #3: 10 Ways to Get Premium Clients

($250 VALUE)

After breaking through mindset barriers, alchemizing your Diamond Mind, and polishing your presentation of self as an expert…

You’ll be unstoppable with these 10 client attraction & acquisition strategies that are proven to work for freelancers, coaches, consultants, and other specialists.

How great would it feel to finally be solicited by premium clients?

Who respect you and pay you handsomely...

Without slaving away applying to gigs and following up?

That’s exactly what you’ll get in a step-by-step format with this game-changing bonus.

And if you get cottonmouth at even the thought of client acquisition…

Because you’re getting dominated on sales calls…

And they feel more like interviews, where you’re pressured to prove yourself and prove your worth & value…

Then allow me to assure you that there’s a more effective way to position yourself and close more sales with a few small adjustments.

These minor tweaks will not only save you time…

But will boost sales and put you in a position of power with all the respect, kudos, and devotion that come with it.

If your prospects are leading your sales calls and asking you all the questions…

Putting you on the defense and making you feel like you have to give away free strategy and advice just to lock in the deal (yet your closing ratio continues to tank)…

I can guarantee you’re making mistakes I can fix in seconds…

So that you can regain control, authority, and respect on your sales calls…

Land more deals…

At more premium rates…

With more ideal clients than ever before.

That’s why I want to include my Sales Assassin Training absolutely FREE when you join the Diamond Mind Mentorship.

Bonus #4: Sales Conversation Mastery

(INSANE VALUE with unlimited returns)

If you want to spend less time on sales calls and stop wasting time with window shoppers who can’t afford your services…

If you’d like to not waste another second with prospects who aren’t fully prepared to pay premium rates…

And if you want the confidence to turn away ill-fitting prospects and the opportunity to cherry-pick the best clients available in your niche…

Then the Sales Assassin Training is what you need.

How much value would you assign to landing more dream clients with ease?

Let me ask you a better question…

If you were in control of your sales calls…

And you only pitched your offer to the most premium prospects in your market…

The ones who have cash in hand and are ready to buy…

Who will take your lead and buy whatever you want them to…

Could you land…

A $10,000, $20,000, or even $50,000 project?

A coaching client worth 5 or even 6 figures?

A 4- or 5-figure monthly retainer deal?

I’m going to continue being honest with you…

You’ll have to follow my advice to attract the right people to these calls.

There are no fake promises here of dropping ideal clients out of the sky and into your lap with no effort on your part.

But if you use the tools inside the Sales Assassin Training, you could easily see results like my client Michele…

Who went from getting beat up on 2-hour long “sales calls” where she gave all her value away for free and couldn’t close deals…

To landing two stellar clients totaling $35k within one week of receiving the Sales Assassin Training.

So I’ll ask you again…

How much would that be worth to you?

The good news is, you don’t have to overthink this one…

Because I’m giving it to you absolutely free.

And since you’ll attract and close dream clients on the regular with this secret weapon…

Filling your calendar with the work you love to do for the clients you’ve dreamed of having…

You’ll understand without a doubt why I have to include the next bonus…

If you’ve ever been described as “multi-passionate”...

Or maybe you’ve been blessed with the “entrepreneurial curse” we call ADHD…

Like successful visionaries Ingvar Kamprad, Richard Branson, and David Neeleman.

Then you need…

Bonus #5: Forward Focus Framework

($250 VALUE)

If you get easily distracted, overwhelmed, or even sidetracked…

Meaning perhaps you try to launch multiple offers at the same time and you’re forced to split your energy & focus between them to the point that they all flop…

Or maybe it’s worse than that…

Maybe being multi-passionate means you don’t even come to mind when your ideal clients are hiring because…

Even though you spend tons of time and gobs of money on masterminds, networking, and getting in the room with the people you’d love to work with…

No one quite knows what you do or who you help because you can “do it all” for “everyone.”

That’s why I want you to have my Forward Focus Framework at no additional cost.

And look, it’s possible that you have laser focus on your niche, your offer, and your market…

But maybe it’s that you work all day every day, including weekends, holidays, and days that are special or important to your loved ones…

So if you’re sick of the guilt from missing out…

If you’re spreading yourself too thin and feel like you’re failing at work and at home…

And if you’re starting to believe the downright lie that you can’t have it all…

Or if you feel resentful toward entrepreneurship because you don’t have the lifestyle you were promised…

Including the independence, freedom, and respect you see others command…

Then you can’t live without my Forward Focus Framework for another minute.

You’ll get my secret mental focus hacks that are better than Adderall and Vyvanse combined (without the negative side effects).

Plus, the ability to…

Complete tasks at double the speed so you can get back to your life and loved ones

Quit wasting time networking with bigwigs and having nothing to show for it

Be immune to distractions. Wake up every morning knowing exactly where you’ll focus your attention. You’ll have all the tools you’ll need to keep your eyes on the prize even when shiny new objects pop up

Feel like this is what you need to get closer to your goals and dreams?

Diamond Mind Mentorship is a damn good offer, and I know it.

But there’s one more bonus I want to include to make it an absolute no-brainer for you…

When you apply for Diamond Mind Mentorship today, I’m going to include Bonus #6 when you’re accepted into the program…

Bonus #6: Diamond Day Experience

($3,000 VALUE)

It’s true…

When you’re accepted into the Diamond Mind Mentorship, I’m going to gift you with a ticket to Diamond Day III…

The preeminent personal development experience for entrepreneurial individuals.

You can attend virtually or in person in Scottsdale, AZ December 8-11th, 2022.

The connections and partnerships made at Diamond Day events have helped generate over $4.5 million in revenue to date...

And we’re nowhere near finished calculating the return…

"Since coming home from Diamond Day II, I've become more focused in my business than ever before. I narrowed my niche and adjusted my marketing, branding, & messaging, and my business is flourishing. I set an ambitious goal at Diamond Day II, but it's already coming to life. On top of seeing my revenue goal within reach, I'm also getting a lot of recognition and attention as a leader in my industry. Even the copycats are coming for me now, ha! I can't wait to reconnect with everyone at Diamond Day III."
                                             -Alyssa J. Dillon

Can you think of a more perfect way to end the year after our time together in the mentorship program?

I sure can’t.

I’m going to spoil you and set you up for success at every opportunity…

Event Venue

Arizona Biltmore

Book through us and get 15% off. After purchasing your ticket, you will get an email with your special code.
(There is also an Embassy Suites Hotel 6 minutes away from the venue).

The Sunset ATV Experience

An adrenaline-pumping adventure with secret personal development transformations

Premium Picturesque Partying

Grass-fed steaks cooked to perfection, top shelf open bar, and more, enjoyed in the intimacy of Laura’s home

Best. Content. Ever.

“The only time I stayed in the room for a whole event... the content was that good.”

- Jason Fladlien, David Gonzales, Rich Schefren, Perry Belcher, Meredith Shirk, Joe Polish, Chris Fox, and more

You’ll get 1-on-1 time with business legends you would never have access to otherwise…

Heavy hitters like…

Jason Fladlien, Aria Boushehri, Rich Schefren, Meredith Shirk, Ron Lynch, Perry Belcher, Joe Polish, Stefan Georgi, Chris Fox, Emma Rainville, Kate Vidulich, Michelle Drielick, and Alyssa Dillon…

This event simply can’t be missed.

Here’s what past attendees and guests of honor have to say about the Diamond Day Experience…

“The only time I’ve ever stayed in the room for an entire conference.” –Jason Fladlien, Rich Schefren, Perry Belcher, David Gonzalez

“I had to decide between getting my 2 Comma Club Award at Funnel Hacking Live and going to Diamond Day III… and I chose Diamond Day III.” –Alyssa Dillon

“The best event I’ve been to in over 5 years.” –Meredith Shirk

“I left Phoenix knowing what my next offer will be. Now it's about executing. I’ll only be attending two masterminds this year and one of them is Diamond Day.” –James Klein

“I left with Joe Polish’s personal phone number. There’s nowhere else you could get connections like this.” –Lana Sova

“A very intense day, with lots of focus on how to get out of your own way to maximize your potential... when Laura reveals her plans for Diamond Day II, just sign up. Trust me."

James Klein

Serial Entrepreneur, Direct Response & eCommerce Brand Owner

“Winners always find a way to win. Because winners only focus on winning. And lemme tell you, Laura Catella Georgi is a WINNER! Absolutely crushed Diamond Day. What a great experience. Can't wait for round 2!!!"

Aria Boushehri

Owner, SalesBound

“| don't think there's a better person to have in your corner if you're trying to accelerate your career in DR, copywriting or business ownership in this space.”

Sam Novak


“Helped me dig deeper into my calling... while removing blocks that have been holding me back from reaching my potential.”

Michele Lambert

Owner of Bella Creatives

“My money wins: | am on track to top my TOTAL 2021 income ... by February 2022."

Whitney Presutto

Owner of Whitney Presutto Copywriting

“12K paid in full closed"

Courtney Ballard

Copywriter & Messaging Coach

“I'm not exaggerating when I say Laura helped me almost triple my retainer fees and dramatically increase my project fees with confidence I've NEVER had before.”

Connor Inch

Owner of Connor Inch Consulting

“Laura stands out far above all the hand waving and noise of the many leaders on the Internet. In fact, I would call her one of the truly inspirational individuals who sincerely wants to help you live your best life. She thinks deeply and hard about how to best help. I've seen her do everything in her power to push, pull and motivate for the ultimate stretch goal. She changed how I live with just one sentence - and I have no doubt she can do the same for you.”

Dr Molly Leavitt

Chief Wellness Officer at Vital Health NC

“So f***ing life changing ... first time in my life I spoke freely about my struggles without judgment... first time in my Life I felt like I’m in the right room”

Lana Sova

Freelance Copywriter

“This is the best event I’ve been to in over 5 years”

Meredith Shirk

Owner of Svelte Media

“One of the best mentors in the game right now.”

Scott Phillips

Owner of Crypto Millionaire

“Got my first $10K project!”

Carolyn Gretton

Owner of Healthy Living Copywriting

“Diamond Day was really good for us, we got a huge ROI from the connections we made and it was some of the best content I’ve ever seen”

Emma Rainville

Shockwave Solutions

“I had to choose between receiving my two comma club award at FHL and Diamond Day III -- I chose DDIII because I know my ROI will be greater here”

Alyssa Dillon

Owner of Financial Pros Become CEOs

“Laura not only gave a room of high-performers massive breakthroughs... but she also challenged people to dive deeply out of their comfort zone”

Glenn Dawson

Owner of ResetU Fitness

“A lot of events are about tactics... but for me, the most important thing is mindset, that’s what I learn at Diamond Day: different ways to open your mind and see things differently. And I think that’s what’ll make the biggest difference for people even if they don’t realize it.”

Chris Fox

Owner of Webseeds

“I’ve learned how crucial it is to surround yourself with people a little or a lot ahead of you. It pushes you out of your comfort zone, and they can propel you on your way”

Robin Burke


“Diamond Day brings together a community of quality interactions with people you would not normally get access to”

Tony Moy


“If you want to take your business to the next level... You need to be at Diamond Day...

If you want to be around the who’s who, people doing the biggest things out there, and you want to learn how to do that in your business... You need to be at Diamond Day...

It’s not really an option for you. This is a requirement.

Some events are fluffy, not actionable, this is different from that. You learn from people that are teaching how to take something and apply it so you can see a dramatic impact in your business in 3 months, 6 months, 12 months down the road.”

Kevin Ellis

Owner of BoneCoach

“I’ve been to a lot of conferences where people are talking about how to optimize funnels and products and things like that, and after a while those can get kinda dull...

Diamond Day does a really good job at blending the tactics that can help grow your business and brand, but also focus on the things we store in our mind, our mindset, that are preventing us from taking the actions necessary to be able to achieve the goals that we do have.

How we remove those breaks, and push the gas even further”

Tyler Bramlett

Owner of Warrior Media

“Laura Catella is a force of nature...

Laura is the most kindly, effective, aggressive, action-taker, on making sure that you follow through with your commitments... so if you want accountability, it’s almost like I’m not sure whether I should be excited or afraid... ;)

One thing that I found very notable here is there's this zero expense corner cut.

It’s a really cool and different mastermind in that there’s shared unique experiences... drinking and having fun after hours... and personal development... getting you to the best version of YOU possible.”

David Gonzales

Founder of Internet Marketing Party

“Diamond Day is a beautiful opportunity for you to grow, expand yourself, and your business”

Bianca Jade

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And your access to the event is included with your Diamond Mind Mentorship at no extra cost to you.

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Diamond Mind Mentorship

Diamond Game Framework

The Expert to Legend Roadmap

10 Ways to Get Premium Clients

Sales Assassin Training

Forward Focus Framework

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Hi, I’m Laura Catella.

I’m an 8-figure copywriter, 7-figure business owner, high performance business and mindset coach, and mom to the most incredible, smart, kind, and funny 4 year old girl you’ve ever met.

My ruthless focus is on helping entrepreneurs like yourself ditch the excuses, dissolve the barriers, and unleash their inner badass so they can have the life and business of their wildest dreams. My clients are often multi-passionate (like myself) and want to make a huge impact. But I also show them that it’s okay to make an impact AND make a shit ton of money in the process so that they can spoil themselves & their families, and live life to the fullest.

Through the Diamond Mind Mentorship, I’ve created something I only dreamed of when I was in your shoes…

I had to sneak into closed door rooms…

Lie about my income to squeeze into exclusive conversations…

And beg for access to high level events and the mentors & leaders who attended them.

I held myself back for far too long, dealing with and suffering from mindset blocks I didn’t realize anyone else dealt with.

Eventually, I got to where I wanted to be…

With the freedom to choose how and with whom I spend my time…

What I do with my money…

And where I invest my energy…

But it took much longer for me than it has to take you.

How much more “ahead” can you be in just 7 weeks time?

The answer: you’ll never be the same again.

With the frameworks and processes I’ve created to help you unleash your Diamond Mind…

And the information you’ll need to upskill your marketing, branding, and copywriting chops

You could quickly and easily become the go-to expert & leader in your niche.

You’ll be recognized as a legend for years to come.

It’s all available to you inside the Diamond Mind Mentorship.

"Being mentored by Laura is just what I needed. I've discovered what it means to believe in myself and to just trust the process. Plus, being surrounded by so many elevated thinkers and kindred spirits at Diamond Day II was nothing short of amazing...
Laura put so much thought into every little detail of that event, and I left there feeling a kind of high that I've never felt before. Her rawness and honesty made me realize that ANYONE can become successful. It doesn't matter who you are or where you come from... What matters is your determination and willpower to overcome your obstacles and come out the other side, shining like the Diamond that you truly are." -Keisha Smith, Freelance Copywriter

Apply now and get $8,000 in FREE bonuses!
ACT FAST - Our next group starts October 17th

“This all sounds dreamy, Laura…

But what’s so different about the Diamond Mind Mentorship?

And how do I know it’s not information I already have?”

I’m glad you asked, because the Diamond Mind Mentorship is like nothing else you’ve ever seen or experienced.

In fact, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret…

If you have BIG goals, but you feel STUCK…

Chances are, powerful forces are holding you back...

And we have PROVEN that getting these forces to PUSH YOU FORWARD...

Instead of holding you back...

Can transform you, your business, and life, in record time.

What would it be worth if you were never hurt by self-sabotage again?

What would it be worth if you stepped up to respected legend status in your industry?

You’ll get there in three steps...

The Curriculum

Step 1: Literate
Week 1: “Playing Your Game”

You’ll discover how you lost your power and how you can quickly recover it to start moving toward a Diamond Mind – one that is unbreakable and unstoppable regardless of the circumstances around you. I’ll help you unleash the new rules of the game that put you in the winner’s seat.

Week 2: “Conveyor Belt”

You’ll detect and identify the mindframes, thoughts, and beliefs that are holding you back from taking off. And once you’ve detected and identified them, I’ll show you how to shift and manipulate them to work in your favor. It’s sort of like partnering with your negative thoughts to rise above them and use them for upward momentum.

Week 3: “The ‘WHICH’ Hunt”

Business isn’t about right and wrong decisions… it’s not about good and bad paths… it’s about making decisions confidently, taking action promptly, and choosing a winner’s mindframe no matter what decisions come your way. ​​This week, you’ll be relieved from the pressure of, “What option is RIGHT?” and replace it with the freedom of choosing, “WHICH option do I want to try next?”

Step 2: Numerate
Week 4: “Probability Casting”

We’ll continue perspective shifting this week as you discover all the opportunities in front of you for upleveling. And don’t be nervous – despite its name, probability casting is a lot easier than it sounds and requires zero math skills. But its impact on your growth will be exponential.

Step 3: Eccolate
Week 5: “Future’s Gravity”

If you struggle with negative mind chatter, imposter syndrome, self sabotage, or any other mindset issues that force you to play small, you’ll love discovering the power of “Future’s Gravity” this week as you learn how to draw your goals nearer to you even when roadblocks come up.

Week 6: “Time on Your Side”

Here’s how to recover from setbacks and self-destructive behaviors faster than ever before, and how to stay poised throughout the process.

Week 7: “Expert to Legend Roadmap”

In our final week together, you’ll be given the Expert to Legend Roadmap to help you uncover your own branding, messaging, and positioning to become a sought-after expert and legend in your niche.

Whitney 4x’d her income in one month WITHOUT “grinding harder”

Johanna doubled her monthly income, is leading her own groups, and speaking on stages

Carolyn earned $20K in 3 weeks with more ease than ever

Time is precious…

And although I have a few tricks up my sleeve to show you how to get time on your side…

And how to unlock more free time even while you continue to grow your income and expand your business…

The truth is, we can’t get wasted time back.

So every minute you hesitate to apply for the mentorship program is another minute you’ve lost to inaction and staying small.

And another minute you negotiate with your dreams.

If you negotiate with your dreams...

Your dreams will negotiate with you.

And I hope you agree that being unstoppable towards your dreams is worth everything it takes.

So with that in mind, use the button below to apply for Diamond Mind Mentorship today.

Apply now and get $8,000 in FREE bonuses!
ACT FAST - Our next group starts October 17th

The only way to access Diamond Mind Mentorship is through our application process.

I have no desire or need to sell mentorship to anyone who isn’t ready for the program, which is why I don’t have a Buy Button directly available online.

The application simply ensures that the program is the best fit for you and your current situation.

If I don’t believe the mentorship program can help you reach your goals, I’ll either offer you another option that would be a better fit…

Or I’ll simply tell you honestly that I’m not able to help you.

No harm, no foul, and we can still be friends :-)

Apply now and get $8,000 in FREE bonuses!
ACT FAST - Our next group starts October 17th

​If you haven’t applied by this point, it may be because you’re looking for pricing info.

You can imagine…

Since you’ve seen the value that’s packed into this mentorship program…

And you now understand how quickly your life and business could change because of this program…

It won’t surprise you that it doesn’t have a 3-digit price tag.

The Diamond Mind Mentorship is valued at over $19,000.

And those seven weeks alone have the power to dissolve barriers and remove obstacles that block your path to success (even the obstacles & barriers you can’t name or see).

It will give you direct access to me as your mentor so that I can be your sounding board to help you solve problems as they arise…

To help you accelerate your bounce back rate from any falls along the way.

And I’ll never ask you to “fake it” or become something you’re not to get where you want to be.

Simply because I know you’re worthy of having EXACTLY what you want…

The world is just waiting for you to double down on your uniqueness.

As you make your way through the mentorship program, your own “path of least resistance” will be revealed to you so you can score quick wins and then remain steadfast in your growth.

And setbacks from imposter syndrome, procrastination, and self sabotage will be a thing of your past…

No longer will they be able to hurt you or hold you back.

And while I’m sure you can see why the mentorship program alone is valued at over $19,000…

I’ve reduced the investment from you to a mere $1,999/mo for three months by structuring it as a group program.

Which, to be honest, benefits you even more since it comes with a built-in community of like-minded freelancers, coaches, consultants, and other specialists who want to grow and lift others up at the same time.

Add to that the inclusion of all the other juicy bonuses…

Like the Diamond Game Framework.

Which, sold on its own is valued at $4000, but is included at no extra cost with the Diamond Mind Mentorship…

You and your brand will instantly stand out from others in your niche once you have my idea generation and hypnotic writing secrets (they’re all spilled in the first two modules!).

Don’t want to be pigeonholed as a copywriter or freelancer forever?

Diamond Game is your ticket out.

Become a high-level strategist and create your own offers (or leverage your newfound skills to crush it for your premium clients).

And you’ll still only pay $1,999/mo for three months.

I’m also including the Expert to Legend Roadmap absolutely free with the Diamond Mind Mentorship.

Develop your own premium messaging and offers to command Paid-In-Full clients on premier packages and lucrative retainers.

The Expert to Legend Roadmap is the slight edge that will separate you from other freelancers, coaches, consultants, and specialists who suffer from the unending feast & famine loop.

You’ll become a “legend” without turning away easy money along the way.

How much would it be worth to you to say goodbye to client “dry spells,” and prepare for the flood of dream work with ideal clients?

If I sold it on its own, I’d charge a minimum of $250 for the Expert to Legend Roadmap (even though it has the potential to result in a 100X return or more).

But you can keep your money because I won’t charge you a penny extra for it.

You also won’t pay a penny more for the 10 Ways to Get Premium Clients bonus training (another $250 value).

Imagine how great it will feel to finally be solicited by premium clients and book out your calendar with a steady stream of the work you love to do.

Worried you won’t be able to close deals with the inevitable influx of clients that come your way?

Know that every detail of this program has been designed to ensure your success.

That’s why I’m including the Sales Assassin training with the mentorship.

And how much would you be willing to pay to get your hands on that?

Remember, this is the training that my client Michele used to land $35k within a week of being reprogrammed.

And she didn’t have to take on 10 clients to do it…

She didn’t even have to take on 5…

Not even 3.

Two premium clients is all it took to get that $35k payday.

And she didn’t have to spend two hours on multiple calls with them trying to convince them that she was worth it.

With a few minor tweaks to her process through the Sales Assassin training I’m going to share with you…

Michele closed these deals in less than 30 minutes.

So I’ll ask you again…

How much would it be worth to you to apply the same simple tweaks Michele did to land two clients who paid $35k in full in a week’s time?

Because even if I only charged a fraction of what she made in a week’s time for the powerful secrets held within this training…

It could be a $3500 standalone product…

And I’d easily sell it to the top 1% of freelancers and coaches who understand what a freaking steal that is…

But because I want you to have every tool imaginable to receive a massive win from simply participating in the mentorship program…

You still won’t pay a penny over that $1,999/mo for three months investment.

If you’re with me and you realize how unstoppable you’ll be when you enroll in the Diamond Mind Mentorship…

I’ll invite you now to apply…

Apply now and get $8,000 in FREE bonuses!
ACT FAST - Our next group starts October 17th

But if your mind is racing and you’re still not convinced that you will succeed with everything I’m offering you…

Maybe because you’re not even sure you have enough time to commit to what I’m giving you…

Or because you’re not even 100% sure of the direction you want your business to go…

So you’re afraid to invest in yourself until you’re more focused…

Or you’re more sure of where you’re headed…

Or until you have more time…

Then know that I’ve already accounted for this hesitation.

Which is why I’m including my Forward Focus Framework when you are accepted into the Diamond Mind Mentorship.

Within this training are the 7-, 8-, and 9-figure entrepreneurial secrets to laser focus and scaling.

Not only will you be able to complete tasks faster with what’s revealed in the Forward Focus Framework…

But you’ll know exactly where you want to go, how to get there, and what to focus on first and next every step of the way.

So that every morning when you wake up, you don’t waste a second of your precious time anxious about what you should focus on for the day.

And every night, rather than having your eyes propped open by the overwhelming fear and anxiety that you’re not doing what you’re “supposed to be”...

You’ll go to bed with a calm, relaxed, and quiet mind that allows you to drift effortlessly off to sleep.

How much would a quiet mind, a restful night’s sleep, and ultimately a rejuvenated, more focused brain that fires on all cylinders the next morning be worth to you?

You can think about that if you like, but in the spirit of staying focused, just know that when you’re enrolled in the Diamond Mind Mentorship, you won’t pay anything for it.

Let’s recap…

So far, I’ve taken a mentorship program that is worth over $19,000 and made it accessible to you for a small investment of only $1,999/mo for three months.

I added to it a way for you to level up your skills, your mindset, your clientele, and your focus at no additional charge.

And as a way to reward you for making this investment in yourself…

And to allow you and everyone who will participate in this mentorship program with you…

Your future “business besties”...

I’ll invite you to experience Diamond Day III.

This premier experience is already an insane value at only $3,000 to those who buy their ticket online…

Because, even though we’re still adding to it, we’ve already seen $4.5 million in revenue generated from Diamond Day events...

But you won’t pay $3,000 for your ticket.

You won’t pay anything for it.

It is my gift to you for being part of the mentorship.

If you’re still reading, then you already know the Diamond Mind Mentorship is for you.

So if you’re finished standing on the sidelines while you watch everyone around you rise up the ranks and make their dreams come true…

If you’re excited to finally possess the tools and the skills to be recognized for your hard work and passion to help others…

And you now see the incredible opportunity laid out in front of you…

Then you will click the purple button below to complete your application for the Diamond Mind Mentorship.

When you click the purple button, you will answer seven simple questions in as much detail as possible to help me determine how serious you are about achieving your dreams.

All applications will be processed within 24 hours, so by this time tomorrow, you will know whether you’ve been accepted to join the October cohort of Diamond Mind Mentorship.

Apply now and get $8,000 in FREE bonuses!
ACT FAST - Our next group starts October 17th

Still have questions?

I’ve answered some of the most common questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not a freelancer. Is Diamond Mind Mentorship for me?

Diamond Mind Mentorship is for freelancers, coaches, consultants, and any other specialists who want to unblock barriers and unlock doors with fabulous opportunities behind them. If you have big goals but you feel stuck… or if you even second guess yourself and feel unworthy of the wildly big vision you have for yourself… then Diamond Mind Mentorship will be a great fit for you.

Will I have access to call recordings?

Yes. Our 7 weekly trainings and our 3 Pressure Alchemy Room calls will be recorded so everyone in the mentorship can watch them even if you can’t attend live.

I’m not a copywriter or marketer. Will the mentorship program work for me?

My origins are in copywriting which is why a lot of copywriters and marketers resonate with me. But I’ve also grown my own ecom business to 7 figures in its first year, I’ve scaled three brands, and I have a successful coaching clientele. So whether you’re a copywriter, a coach, a consultant, or even a specialist with goals to expand, grow, or scale, you’ll be a great fit for the program.

What happens after I click the button to apply?

Diamond Mind Mentorship requires an application to be considered for entry into the program. When you click the button to apply, you’ll be asked to answer a few questions about your business and your current situation. Please answer the questions with as much detail as you can. If I think we’re a good fit, you will be invited to join the mentorship within 24 hours of applying.

What if I can’t attend Diamond Day live? Is mentorship still a good investment for me?

I love bringing people together and spoiling my speakers and guests at Diamond Day in person. But whether you’re able to attend live or virtually, you will be part of this community from the moment you say YES. I won’t have open enrollment in the Diamond Mind Mentorship, so each cohort will have plenty of opportunities to get to know one another in an intimate setting. You’re going to face some tough realizations together, break through barriers together, and ultimately grow right before one another’s eyes. I’ve seen some of the most beautiful friendships blossom at lightning speed in this community. And if you want that, it’s available to you. If you can join your cohort in person in Scottsdale, it will be magical. But even if you can’t, you will never regret doing this for yourself and getting to know the members of this community during your 7 weeks together. I have no doubt they will be your friends for life.

Diamond Mind is for you if…

Diamond Mind is not for you if…

You have big goals and dreams and you’re ready to stop playing small and start achieving them

You want someone else to take actions for you and make money for you

You’ll commit to taking action with my support

You don’t see the value in investing in yourself

You see the value in both personal development and business development

You’re not ready to release blame and excuses

You’re not afraid to make mistakes

You’re still negotiating with your dreams

You want to grow into a respected legend in your industry

You want premium clients, but are not ready to invest in yourself (this is hypocritical)

You want premium clients to come to you more easily than ever

You will find reasons to not take action

You want to be powerful as a leader in your organization

You’re committed to your patterns, and not your future

Diamond Mind is for you if…

You have big goals and dreams and you’re ready to stop playing small and start achieving them

You’ll commit to taking action with my support

You see the value in both personal development and business development

You’re not afraid to make mistakes

You want to grow into a respected legend in your industry

You want premium clients to come to you more easily than ever

You want to be powerful as a leader in your organization

Diamond Mind is not for you if…

You want someone else to take actions for you and make money for you

You don’t see the value in investing in yourself

You’re not ready to release blame and excuses

You’re still negotiating with your dreams

You want premium clients, but are not ready to invest in yourself (this is hypocritical)

You will find reasons to not take action

You’re committed to your patterns, and not your future

Apply now and get $8,000 in FREE bonuses!
ACT FAST - Our next group starts October 17th

Stephanie just onboarded an $84K client with magnetic simplicity

Lana has doubled her monthly income and is now confident to step up as a leader in her industry (she’s also currently booked out with a waitlist for her services)

Alyssa is selling out of her delicious $30K+ offer with confidence and ease

What if you were just one barrier away from rapid ascension, expansion, and growth in your business?

What if you could dissolve that barrier in just 7 weeks and level the fuck up…

With a group of lifelong friends who’ve got your back and want to see you win?

That’s exactly what’s possible with Diamond Mind Mentorship.

Our next cohort starts October 17th.

So click the button below and apply today.

Apply now and get $8,000 in FREE bonuses!
ACT FAST - Our next group starts October 17th
You’re not seriously leaving, are you?

I’m just about to reveal the #1 mindset habit that can take you from lost entrepreneur to unstoppable & unfuckwithable LEGEND

Keep watching to discover the ONE mindset habit that can unleash your inner badass!